Halliburton Case Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… 5). Halliburton’s business strategy is to promote diversity internally and among its suppliers. This mutual benefit to both Halliburton and it customers contributes to its success in a competitive environment. Halliburton’s culture is thrives on using innovation through mergers and acquisitions. According to World Oil 2006, Enventure Global Technology, a subsidiary of Halliburton, acquired Triad Pipe and Steel Company. The acquisition of Enventure gave Halliburton leverage in supplying specialized oil tubing, which translated as added value to their customers. Halliburton has been under fire over the last two decades for substandard ethic practices. KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton came under criticism from the media for questionable ethic violations with their billing. In 2005 Halliburton overhauled their billing process to “clean-up” billing discrepancies. The findings were that “KBR agreed to fix internal systems to ensure that the cost and pricing data it provided to the government were accurate and complete.” (Gold, 2005) Halliburton accepted the criticism of their ethics and took measured steps to cultivate an ethical environment. Diversity at Halliburton case be seen within the organization and customs of the organization. Halliburton is diverse not in only within the workforce but also in business. Halliburton is involved in oil engineering, development and production. Halliburton has a division dedicated solely to engineering electrical and nuclear development as well as a division which feeds thousands of military personnel every day. The vastness of Halliburton’s diversity in business makes it a very competitive and lucrative company. Technology has had a impact on the culture at Halliburton. The external factors of a global …show more content…
The greatest and most beneficial input comes from the celebrity star power that has transformed Nike into a powerhouse. The technology that has been researched and developed by Nike through biomechanics and physiology has paid off in large part through two icons, Jordan and Tiger. Other athletes like Derek Jeter, LeBron James, Mia Hamm, Michele Wie, Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer have almost single handedly pulled Nike to the forefront of athletic wear in their prospective sports. These athletes did not start the buzz, but only kept the vibe going. Bo Jackson with the "Bo knows" or "Just Do It" campaigns launched a new era Nike promotion that still has effect. Nike understands that along with the responsibility of being a sponsor worldwide for these athletes, they must contribute to global charity, fundraisers and organizations that promote hope. This only strengthens the position that Nike is a global leader in performance, technology, quality products and sponsorship of athletes with sales in more than 160

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