Habit 4 : The Way A Family Member Of A Root, A Route, And The Fruit

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In order to keep family above all and on track, Habit 4, Think “Win-Win”, Habit 5, Seek First to Understand, then to be understood, and 6, Synergize, all are highly interwoven. Covey explains these three habits as an equivalent to a root, a route, and the fruit. Habit 4 is the root, the foundation that helps families start to seek mutual gains, rather than mere individual successes. It is the root from which Habit 5 and Habit 6 blossoms from. Habit 5 is the route, the ability to tap into self-awareness, choosing to step out of an individual perspective and delve into the head and heart of another family member to see and take their perspective instead. It is taking the time to invest in the thoughts, emotions, and opinions of other family members, rather than pushing my own through. Listening empathetically, to capture the way a family members heart and mind works, is listening with intent, trying to see the world through the family members pair of eyes while being open to feedback as other members try to see the world through my eyes as well. Habit 6, Synergize, is the fruit, the end product and reward. Habit 6 is choosing to take a better, higher way, rather than settling on one individuals way over the others. It is celebrating the differences between members of the family and acknowledging the beauty that all people are different, having different thinking patterns, habits, interests and ideas. Just as the foot and mouth have different roles, but the work for the good…

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