Essay about H & M 's Store

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The store theme has colour throughout it and has different uses of colour blocking long with displaying mannequins. They emphasis how the store appeals to the customer. H&M offer accessories, shoes, tops and jeans. As well as offering cosmetics such as their own range of makeup and body products. It is very important to give customers ideas and inspire them to choose things that suit their own style. H&M’s concept is to give the customer unbeatable value by them offering fashion and quality at the best price. H&M’s store shows they have the latest trends are adapted to their fashions that work. The size of the aisles is very wide which allows suitable amounts of people to be walking through them at the same time and also enables people to crowed around products e.g. products that have just came out.
Tesco entrance allows enough space for people to come and go easily. Tesco store is mainly all one level e.g. open plan. But inside the store they also have escalators near the main entrance of the store as well as having lifts, mainly located at the back. The store consists of having two floors which is divided up between their canteen and clothing wear, homeware and electrical ware. The vertical aisles and horizontal aisles are wide and this is mainly because these aisles are used for people coming in to get the product and for people to walk down with their trolleys which allows easy access.
Tesco supermarket is similar to H&M as most of their products are already on display…

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