Essay Guy 's Don 't Have Emotion

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Guy’s Don’t Have Emotion

“Hey David, it 's me. Are you still coming over tonight to spend the night with me?” my friend Kevin asked.

I glanced anxiously at my mother who had heard the call, and I reassured my answer with her. “Yes, I should be there around 7:00.”

I ran upstairs to my room to finish packing for the night. Toothbrush, toothpaste, clean clothes for the next day, and I was all ready to go. I looked over at my Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear, and initially reached for it, but hesitated. Remembering the last cruel encounter I had with my friend about my bear, I left him on my bed, waiting for me to return. I was very excited about tonight, but I was also very nervous.

I left my house around 6:45 p.m. Although he lived just around the corner, the walk down the street and curiously examining my surroundings always fascinated me. I watched as owners walked their dogs, parents pushed their children in strollers, and fathers played catch with a baseball with their children. My mother had not come with me, as she trusted me to walk by myself.

When I arrived at my friend 's house, I was greeted by his mother who informed me that Kevin was upstairs in his room, and that I could leave my shoes and bag by the door. I did as I was told, climbed the stairs, made a right, and found myself in my friends room. He sat in a beanbag chair, with a gaming headset on, playing his Xbox 360. I watched him play, as I did not want to interrupt his game. He had no idea I was sitting…

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