Essay on Guns Don 't Kill People Do

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Op –Ed “Guns Don’t Kill People Do” Mass Shooting are Part of The American culture. By Giselle Villanueva December 18, 2015, 5:00 PM oes gun control really lead to mass shooting?

Gun control is not really leading to mass shooting it is the society not the firearm. People will find a way to purchase it or will obtain a hidden weapon or to keep it simple they will purloin it. For example, buying a machine gun is easier license. In 42% of the 35 mass shootings recorded in 2015, so far they were no reported facilities. Furthermore, 47% of those mass shootings one of three people were killed. But, it’s really hard to understand what’s going on. There is no point on having to pass laws on gun control because people are not even going to follow them. People always find a way to do anything.

People are the ones to blame because they are the ones trying to fit into society. They have engulf the potential towards gun control although they know how harsh the consequences can be if they are not being able to maintain a gun which is only for “protections.” They have let the influence of media get into their mindset because the majority is being influenced by the social content that it contains. The media is the key that leads to all violence most of the times such as the mistreatment of usage towards guns. The law was…

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