Guns And Gun Free School Zone Laws Essay

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Since 2013, America has had over 170 school shootings, and many wonders why guns and weapons in schools are still a heavy issue discussed in the presidential election. How long does it take for a police officer to arrive on a school campus after receiving a call? In that time period how many students, teachers, and faculty lives are already in danger? Nobody should walk into a school with the fear of one day not being able to walk back out. Nevertheless, schools are not a place for guns, unless in the arms of the police. Having teachers carry concealed weapons may create high-risk situations and will decrease school safety. There are specific laws by states and the federal government to ban guns on school property. In the articles, “Where Angels Tread: Gun-Free School Zone Laws and an Individual Right to Bear Arms”, “Should Teachers Carry Guns”, and “Guns and Student Safety”, they talk about different dangers that are brought to schools if teachers are allowed to carry guns. Guns are not safe within school zones because it is illegal in all states, it puts students and teachers at risk, and it creates a culture of fear.
The issue begins with the law of gun control. In the separate opinion issued in 2008 and 2010, the United States Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees an individual a right to bear arms. However, there are limits that belong with that right (Hetzner 359). GFSZA is a Gun-Free School Zones Act, which prohibits any…

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