Campus Shooting Research Paper

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Texas graduates and under graduates have had to see many school shootings, and mass shootings in general from around the country play out on the news recently. There has been rise of mass shootings and gun ownership. Many students see the correlation and are uneasy. Despite open carry being allowed in some states that not stopped terrible events from happening. Recently, the legislature in Texas has allowed the carrying of guns on college campuses. Many teachers and administrators are unsure about how pupils may handle altercations and stressors of everyday campus life with the easy access of guns and worry that talking to students about their schoolwork and grades can cause retaliation. Another problem they face is how much it will cost and what it will take to beef up security on campuses. Firearms should not be …show more content…
“We need to review the legislation thoroughly to ensure that we understand our latitude in controlling concealed carry on campus.” (qtd. Fernandez and Montgomery) Neal J. Smatresk, president of University of North Texas, made that comment in talking about the measures in place to control how guns are allowed on campus. However, this is not a clear answer, which will provide any stability or comfort on the situation. Schools will have to choose which places are more important to have security, because filling a certain percent of the area with police would be too costly. Admiral William McRaven stated “[…] we're very sensitive to those areas where we think that there would be, you know, a high level of anxiety or emotion”. (qtd. Shapiro) While McRaven is speaking of looking at potential hotspots, he is skirting around why they are looking at certain areas instead of the overall campus. The cost to add security on to the payroll of the schools is missing from his statements, and the

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