Gun Violence And The United States Of America Essay

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Gun violence in the United States of America is a serious topic that has been causing many death for a long time and counting to do so. Some people blame government of not taking a significant reaction toward gun violence. Moreover, there are many organizations, socialists and politicians who take a stand against this madness and try to convince the federal government to prescribe a low that can control the gun business and make it difficult to obtain a weapon.
According to The Trace, “from 2005-2015, 301,797 were killed by gun violence” (Mascia). In addition, this year 2016, 36 Americans were killed on an average day by guns (Mascia). However, the previous statists will not be surprising, particularly there are approximately 300 million guns in the USA, which means a gun for each American (Mascia). On the other hand, not all American people believe that gun is the cause main cause of gun violence because gun itself cannot do anything unless someone pulls the trigger and starts killing people. Many American have objected strongly any low that makes them to give away their right of ownership guns because some of them who believe that the second amendment in the American’s Constitution allow them to own weapon in order to protect themselves. Therefore, they have refaced to vote to any presidential candidate who plans to regulate gun ownership.
The flowing are three interviews for people from different backgrounds giving their opinion about gun violence problems…

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