Gun Ownership And Attitudes Toward Gun Control Essay example

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As stated earlier, the discipline of sociology is relevant as it is helpful in looking at how there might be a disparity between different regions in America, how many individuals in certain regions own firearms, and why. The cultural influence that plays a part in how Americans feel about firearms regionally is reinforced by Celinska (2007) in the article “Individualism and Collectivism in America: The Case of Gun Ownership and Attitudes toward Gun Control”. The author conducted a study to determine if gun ownership, and if attitudes towards gun ownership by citizens residing in the United States correlates to cultural traditions. The study found that there are two primary reasons for people who own guns in the United States, which are for either recreational or defensive purposes. Empirical data was compiled and first found that those that are more individualistic usually have the same set of demographic variables which are being Caucasian, from the South, higher income, and conservative Christians. The study also found that those that are collectivistic are usually minorities that are living in impoverished areas. This is telling because it highlights how cultural background plays a major role in influencing how people feel about gun ownership and attitudes toward gun control. Celinska goes on to theorize that even though people from certain cultural backgrounds are more likely to own and appreciate firearms than others that there is not much of a correlation…

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