Gun Control : Prevents Crime Or Causes It? Essay

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Gun Control:
Prevents Crime or Causes it? Over the past 25 years the federal and local governments have passed many laws with a focus on banning and restricting gun ownership. There have been twice as many federal gun laws passed in the last 25 years than there has been from the establishment of our country to 1990. Why is there such a focus on this aspect of our nation, when 900% more people are killed with fists, feet, knives and blunt objects, than rifles in 2011 (Abbott 2)? This is proof that gun laws do not stop crime. This is due to the fact that criminals are breaking laws, causing people to want gun control. But those same criminals will break laws to keep getting guns, leaving the law abiding citizen to get victimized by this power shift, in the criminals favor. This does not only affect adults but it also affects teens because they too can be victims of violent crimes in their community.
The truth is that not only does gun ownership and gun safety classes make you safer, but it reduces crime in the immediate area. One of the biggest discoveries that is truly counter intuitive to many people, is that guns can reduce crime. This can be proven by many multitudes of studies and statistics relating to gun ownership and its effects crime rate. Guns and gun safety courses greatly reduce crime in the communities that offer them. For example “The police responded to a rape epidemic by initiating a highly publicized program training women in firearms use. While…

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