Gun Control Of The United States Essay

825 Words Mar 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Gun Control in the United States has been a huge issue lately. School shootings and gun violence all over the country adds fuel to the fire of those who want to restrict guns from citizens. In the words of George Washington “When firearms go, all goes - we need them every hour.” The right to have guns in our homes today is important. Strict gun control is not a necessity, however, guns in the hands of responsible owners is. The second amendment, no matter when it was written, protects that right. There are some that believe that with more gun control laws comes less gun violence. However, if we look at other societies such as Germany or Britain, we can see that even with strict gun laws shootings happen. Finally, with imposing gun laws trying to take away ammo and guns from citizens, there will be more outlaws. There will be more people who will ignore the laws and continue in their ways. The second amendment is one of the more important aspects of why we must own and carry weapons. According to an article on Second amendment gun rights “James Madison explained that because American citizens were typically armed, the federal government would be unable to exert power beyond the powers enumerated in the Constitution.” The second amendment has long been argued as out of date because we no longer have militias. However, if you went to you would be able to sign up for the Maryland state militia. Militias today are alive and well and…

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