Essay on Gun Control Laws On The United States

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Gun Violence Protection
Gun control laws in the United States has little effect and they permit the citizens to carry their own weaponry, which has made the U.S into the most violent country in the world. Gun violence has been a serious issue especially in the city of Oakland, California. Residents in some areas do not dare to leave their house after sunset because they are afraid to be another victim in the gunfights. According to Anthony Braga, in the “Center for Problem-Oriented Policing,” places such as Boston and Minneapolis, more than 50% of the gun crimes are committed by youths near the age of 18. Furthermore, the lack of background checks for people who have mental health issues result in the deaths of many innocent lives. Recently, Congress allows state law to dominate gun reinstatement for felons. Since there are so many of them want to reinstate their gun right after release on parole, the state government became sluggish during the process. Certain felons return into their old habits of committing crimes after they have restated their gun right. Gun control laws nowadays are not strict enough to maintain U.S citizens’ safety, and they consist of loopholes that allows the ones who are not eligible to have their hands on a weapon and create violence. In order to decrease the violence, a more stringent federal background check system must be established to limit people the ability to own firearm and to fill in those flaws.
For decades, Oakland has top the list of…

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