Gun Control Laws Are Not The Best Option Essay

1258 Words Oct 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Although there are valuable reasons to incorporate gun laws in our society, what consequences are Mike Pence and the residents of Indiana willing to risk? By enforcing stricter gun control laws, it would give the government more control over citizens, which would cause some to feel upset that they have lost some of their rights. Having stricter gun control would give us less freedom causing turmoil among many individuals. If stricter gun control was implemented, people would feel less safe. The reason mentioned above and conveyed below show that stricter gun control laws are not the best option in solving the gun control debate.
Imposing gun control laws would not decrease the number of deaths that transpire throughout our nation or decrease the number of suicide deaths. There is this circulating rumor that guns are the number one reason of deaths, it is actually a myth and not the major source of death. The number two leading causes of death in the United States today are heart disease and cancer. (McAllister). A recent study revealed that “Americans were 21.5 times more likely to die of heart disease than to die from a firearm” (Beck, Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?). If gun control laws are enacted, if an individual still wants to commit suicide, one is going to find another way to commit it. One can commit suicide by using a knife, hanging themselves, and taking medication/prescriptions. Women are more likely to commit suicide by taking medications because…

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