Gun Restrictions Leads To Crimes

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Are guns associated with crimes? Do guns necessary leads to crimes? If so, will more guns restrictions stop crimes and protect the citizens? Gun control, like many other topics, is a touchy topic where many people believe there should be more restrictions while others oppose the idea. In answering these questions, we need to investigate all viewpoints, compare, and analyze them. Some people believe that having gun laws will prevent criminals from getting guns; however, this law will also mean law abiding citizens will not have access to gun. Some people also believe that gun control will have minimal effects because if criminals wanted guns, they will get them regardless of the law. Even though guns are considered a lethal weapon and therefore very dangerous, we need to educate ourselves and learn how to manage them properly so that we can acheive its benefits or use it strictly for their purpose. Guns are not the problem, people are. Gun laws will only prevent law abiding citizens from getting guns to protect themselves from both legally and illegally armed criminals.
People often misunderstand the purpose of the Second Amendment. Many anti gun argue that the Second Amendment is out dated
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The Second Amendment is in placed to protect all citizens from a tyrannical government. It is necessary for citizens to defend themselves in the case where the government turn on them, which has happened before in history. The arguement where guns should be banned because it can injure and kill innocent people is not valid; Chicago, the city with the stirtest gun control law, has the most gun deaths in America. Taking guns away will only prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves from criminals and will not stop criminals from getting guns. Instead of imposing new gun laws, the government should enforce the already existing laws and educate its citizens about the responsibilities of owning a

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