Argumentative Essay: Do Gun Control Laws Work?

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Gun controls law are not worth the time. Do people really think law will prevent a criminal getting a gun or prevent a public place shooting. Gun Control law just waste time and money. Congress Spends countless taxpayer money debating if U.S citizen should have the right be to bare arms. How can some couple of people take away one of our born right we have as U.S citizens. Our forefathers fought for our rights. There are many reason why gun control law will not work and here are my reason why it will not work.
Here are my reason why gun controls laws will not work. Laws do not apply for criminals, congress may put all the laws they want but a criminal will do anything they want. Has the country not learn the lesson from the first time. When the government tried to ban something, people will find a way to get what they want. Armed citizens
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England is one of those counties who have put a ban on guns. Now they are seeing reproduction, their murder rate was in the 200,000 then it spike up to the 1,600,000 deaths just after they banned guns. In what plant is that helping for the situation they just made their situation worse by a landslide. By the agreement banning guns they are breaking the constitutional amendment allows all residents to possess a firearm. When firearms are controlled our rights are breached. Our forefather fought for our rights, and anti gun people think they can just take away our rights.
By banning guns the government would be taking countless of jobs away from hard working americans.Theres is countless of made in america gun manufactured in the states. Images people losing their jobs because of some people who do not like guns. How can people sleep at night when they are the reason why the beard winner for the family losing their job. By banning gun will just not affect the gun owner. It will affect the economy, the workers, and the citizen who do own guns

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