Essay about Gun Control As A Tool For Self Defense

1548 Words Dec 11th, 2014 7 Pages
While supporters for loose gun control perceive guns as a tool for self-defense, they overlook a serious and fundamental reality about guns: guns can and do kill people. Without proper firearm laws, people are far more susceptible to die by a gun. States with loose gun control tend to have a higher rate of death by a firearm than states with strict gun control. Previously, it had been shown that in states with more firearms, there have also been higher rates of crime; on the other hand, states with less firearms possess lower rates of crime. However, another pattern is seen between these two opposite ends.
States with higher rates of crime and gun ownership tend to have looser gun control, while states with lower rates of crime and gun ownership have stricter gun control. This is because citizens have easier access to firearms in states with less gun laws. This is prevalent throughout the nation. Having easier access to a gun is not a good thing though. States with looser gun control have been shown to yield shocking data compared to states with stronger gun control, because the weak laws allow easier access to potentially dangerous firearms. According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, seven out of ten states with the strictest gun control regulations also had the lowest rates of death by a firearm. In addition to this, the Violence Policy Center claimed that the overwhelming trend is that states with strong gun control have seen a dramatic decrease in violence,…

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