Essay about Gun Control And The United States Today

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Gun Control is a huge topic in the United States today. Because of all the deaths related to the use of guns, various gun control laws have been set to try and reduce crime and violence by restricting private gun ownership, “right to bear arms.” But, In Texas however, “it is illegal to carry a handgun outside of a persons own premises. However, a person may carry, either open or concealed, in a non- threatening or alarming manner, a shotgun or riffle.” Taking in account the amount of gun- related deaths and injuries that occur each year, accidental and not accidental, our government should make stricter laws and regulations concerning gun control and open carry, especially in Texas.
There are many commonly held views when it comes to gun control. For one, most people believe that the right to open carry is seen more as a “free for all,” and that anyone should be able to participate Well, that is not the case and there are rules involved. First of all, as stated above, a person cannot participate in open carry if they are coming across as threatening or alarming to others. That is why Texas needs stricter gun control laws. There are too many people that don’t understand the laws, or don’t follow them, and many people just don’t feel safe. Let’s take this into consideration, would it scare you if you knew that over 62,000 guns had fallen into the hands of criminals throughout the United States? A good handful of those just alone could most likely be in Texas. There really is…

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