Gun Control And Gun Violence Essays

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As of today, there have been 3,269 gun related deaths in the United States and 12,818 gun related incidents. Fifty seven of those incidents were mass shootings, five hundred and forty were home invasions, and three hundred and ninety two were defensive use (Gun Violence Archive). Most guns used in shooting are stolen in some way or another and yet, we still think that taking away the ability to buy them will stop all of the gun violence. Guns are not going away; it is time to arm those able to carry, allow concealed carry on college campuses, and to realize that taking away guns will not stop the mass shootings. The average police response time is 10 minutes according to American Police Beat. The average interaction time between criminal and victim is ninety seconds which means that the police will not be of much help when they are needed most (Dane). So, what is a victim to do if there are no police to help? A firearm might be helpful in a situation like that. Unless that criminal is just plain stupid, he/she is not going to keep running at you when a gun is pointed at them, and even if they are stupid and keep coming, that is what the gun is for; self-defense. In 2003 an article was published on the NRA website concerning criminals in America. The article states “from the survey data and police data that a criminal is much more likely to be driven off from a particular crime by an armed victim” (The Armed Criminal in America). Even this reason…

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