Gun Control Aids Criminal Acts Essay

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Gun Control Aids Criminal Acts
With there being nine guns for every ten people in the United States, some people say that guns are too readily available to the public. Yet less than half of the crimes committed in the country are guns involved. Even though guns are dangerous and are used to commit crimes, crime will not stop due to the ineffectiveness of gun control. Crime will adapt no matter the laws that are put into place.
According to a study on mass shootings by The Washington Post, it was shown most guns that are used in crimes are obtained “legally.” Although, close behind that statement is the number of guns that are illegally obtained to be used in criminal acts. This is like saying knives are obtained legally when used in stabbings, and the others are stolen. Not all murders or mass homicides involve guns. On 14 December 2012, a Chinese man in Beijing entered a school, with a knife, and stabbed 23 children to death. This incident did not make the news, nor did it spring an uproar over the easy access to the deadly weapon. People did not rally over the fact that anyone of any age can buy a knife at the local store if.
Many gun control advocates argue that guns are too easily obtained, and do not have enough regulations. They often compare gun safety to car safety in the aspect that cars have more regulations and safety measure than guns do. Cars are meant for transportation and move at high speeds with passengers. Guns however, are meant to be dangerous, where cars…

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