Gun Control Advocates And The United States Essay

1391 Words Jun 30th, 2016 null Page
For decades there has been a constant debate between gun control advocates and 2nd Amendment advocates, liberals against conservatives. Liberals argue that by minimizing or eliminating firearms in the general population, homicides and violence will decrease. There are approximately 30,000 gun related deaths a year, 20,000 of those are suicide related. These numbers add to the argument of the left that more gun laws and gun control need to be put in place. There are many flaws with the quick fix solutions put forth by gun control advocates and liberal politicians. All crime is complicated. The most extreme liberal approach of gun control is to ban all types of firearms and accessories. The claim is that without firearms then there will be less firearm violence. There are multiple problems with this policy. The first problem with a firearm ban is the process of removing the firearms from the general public. There are approximately 300 million legal firearms in the United States (Walker, 2015). It would take years and millions of dollars to confiscate that many firearms. Also, it would be impossible to know if all of the firearms have been accounted for. There is not a firearm registry of any type. Buy back plans have been used, but these are voluntary and ineffective because it is mostly used by people who had inherited the firearm but did not want it or firearms that were broken (Davidson, 2015). Australia conducted a mandatory buyback program during their process of banning…

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