Our Blind Spot About Guns, By Nicholas Kristof Analysis

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Makenna Lehr
Mrs. Fridley
Composition 1
23 October 2017
A War Between Guns and Regulations Guns are here, guns are there, guns are everywhere! According to Nicholas Kristof, author of “Our Blind Spot about Guns,” guns should be regulated like cars to make them safer to the general public.. He gives information about the history of automobiles and explains the reasons why cars were regulated. Kristof provides statistical information to confirm that thousands of people have died annually in vehicular related accidents. He proposes that instead of taking them away from people, guns should be regulated just as cars have been. He believes that if the government is logical about gun regulations, then there would be a decrease in gun incidents like there has been with vehicles.
Despite Kristof’s credible argument, his ideas are inaccurate because the regulations that presently exist are sufficient and controlled, while still allowing guns to remain convenient. Additional gun laws are not needed because there are enough regulations to provide adequate protection for the public. The existing gun regulations are reasonable due to the background checks that are required when purchasing a gun. Current gun laws outline the requirements of
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“Background checks identify individuals who are ineligible to purchase firearms and prevent those persons from obtaining them, making them a key element in preventing tragic and unnecessary gun deaths in the United States” (“Background Check Procedures”). This justifies that background checks are effective ways to limit high-risk people the access to guns. When a citizen decides to purchase a gun from any federally licensed firearms dealer, they will enter the customer’s name and information into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. Background checks are an important safety guard between selling a gun to a secure or potentially dangerous

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