Essay on Gun Control : A Reference Handbook

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With praises for an oligarchy government, a government with all power, the Greek philosopher Plato favored the withdrawal of arms from citizens and desired the holding of weapons to be enforced in his state. He was also known for his preference of imposing obligatory military training and having military operations once a month, as mentioned by Earl R. Kruschke in his book Gun Control: A Reference Handbook. The policies that Plato once respected are much like policies that are in place and are being considered around the world today. Gun control is a major issue throughout the world, and is a controversial topic within many countries. Gun control is defined as laws and regulations that are put on firearms, including the manufacturing, sale, and use of firearms. Rulings on what should be done with gun control is an always changing chain of ideas and has developed over time into current theories that will be used in the future. Throughout history, there have been many changes to gun control and the effects of these laws and limitations can be shown through the beliefs of people today. Beliefs about regulations on arms in history are all very similar. All restrictions were to be in support for a “well regulated militia”, as recalled by M. Lee and Alexander Stingl. This phrase is relevant to opposite groups who have different meanings of the term; to gun control promoters, the term describes a well trained army under government control and to gun rights supporters the phrase…

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