Guidelines Of Definitions Used For The Health And Wellness Project

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This memo gives an outline of definitions used for for the Health and Wellness project.


Wellness is the balance between mental and physical health.

Wellness is a state in which both the body and mind are in balance with one another. Many factors affect overall wellness, some of which include, Emotional health or the understanding of one 's feelings. Environmental health or the respect with one’s surrounding and for other living things, this can also include work or school. Intellect or the encounter with new ideas and ways to expand one 's knowledge. Lastly physical health or ways to maintain a healthy body and seeking the body’s needs.

Wellness Factors
(ex. Crippleware IS shareware IN WHICH some features of the program are disabled until the user buys a license to use the program.)

Sleep: is a condition of the body in which the nervous system is inactive, your eyes are closed, postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness is practically suspended for several hours of the night. As this factor affects students at Trine University by making late nights with early morning very bad for students to have. Some of the factors of not learning or experiencing what you did during the day can hurt your grades in the long run.

Sports injuries: are a physical problem with an athlete 's body in which a localized trauma or repetitive use of a body part causes pain. The injuries are most commonly to muscles, tendons, and bones while sometimes occurring to the brain. These…

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