Guidance Of Individual Social / Emotional Development Essay

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Three quality indicators that I observed at The “ABC” Center were as the promotion of individual social/emotional development, adult-child ratio and responsive relationships between children and teachers. I observed the promotion of social and emotional development through teacher intervention. One child was having a temper tantrum in the classroom after outdoor time. The teacher got down on his level and spoke very calmly to him, just letting him cry for a bit and then started to work on getting him to express what was upsetting him. The teacher then reassured his emotions and feelings while offering possible solutions. The How Does Learning Happen? document highlights that educators “can help children learn strategies for becoming or staying calm and focused by enabling them to recognize and modulate their emotional sates and impulses and become more aware of the effects of their actions on others” (How Does Learning Happen, 2014, p.30). By helping children recognize and work through their emotions teachers are providing quality interactions that support emotional development. I also observed a child that was upset about another child not giving him a turn with the paint. The teacher listened to his problem and proceeded to ask questions like, “how did that make you feel?” and “what do you think you can do to solve this problem?” The teacher and the child problem solved together and then approach the other child, where the teacher guided their language as they expressed…

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