Reflection On Group Presentation

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Reflective Statement
Yesterday we have to do our group presentation about critical analysis of three articles and comparing them. And this is my reflection on it.
Our group consists of five women; Myself, Zamaraath (leader), Mariam, Ruya, Anjum and one man; Aswadh. In the first meeting we made up a timeline on which dates to meet to discuss about the presentation. In the following meeting we started looking for related articles and assigned each member an article. We were to critically analyze and identify main critique points from the article. From those articles, the most relevant two articles were selected. We then immediately started making the power point and assigned each member their part, which we were knowledgeable of and confident
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Group members were pressured to finish their parts in the allocated time period, causing us to rush through the presentation. Meeting the time allocated for the presentation is considered to be a major shortfall in this presentation. Therefore, I believe that, our group could have done a better job at presenting.
As I look into my own experience in the presentation, I am quite amazed by the amount I have learned. I never liked working with people, as I am not a very socialize person and struggle to interact with new people or people whom I don’t really know well. However, this group presentation has changed my whole perspective of working in teams. And now I can say that, I will be able to put myself out in front of people, and bond with them better than before.
From this presentation preparation, I not only improved in working in a group, I also learned methods of researching and analyzing. The presentation contain many tasks; such as selecting reading materials, reading various article and critically analyzing them. All of these tasks were a bit challenging for me, thus I strongly believe that it will be beneficial for me to prepare for future assignments and
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I practiced the presentation enough in front of my group members beforehand, which helped to be more confident in my speaking ability.
When it came to the presentation, I really wanted to do it well. But, I was quite nervous as we were told that the presentation will be filmed. And I end up stumbling on some words and forgetting what to say at one point. One of my group member said that I seemed quite calm despite what I was feeling inside. I believe, nervousness is a major problem for many people during presentations. And that it can only be solved with experienced and every presentation. I will surely get better at dealing with it.
Although I did a lot of practices, during the presentation I went through the content quickly and lacked some explanation. This is because every member had to fit all the explanations for their allocated time. Hence, I was pressured and rushed through the presentation. Moreover, I have a weakness in my non-verbal communication skills. I felt like I didn’t make much eye contact with the lecturer. And I was standing at one spot without moving which is not very

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