Group Dynamics Analysis: Analysis Of Group Work

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Group Dynamics Analysis

Due to the fact that group work helps academic achievement, skilled communication and psychological health (Learning Together), a high-performing group work acts an important role in academic success for a class as a whole, it is benefit for individual lifelong success as well. Knowing the group dynamics lays the foundation of more effective group work. In this paper, I will analyze some of our group activities we had in our Real Change Learning Community, to get a better view of how our group performs, what group stages we are on and what we should improve to enhance the performance.
So far, we had two major group activities in College 101 course. One was the campus resource presentation and the other was the airplane
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First, in this activity, we worked individually, then everybody contributed to the group. We informed our own ideas instead of getting others ideas without thinking. According to Learning Together at Cascadia, Individual Accountability which achieved in our group, is an important factor of high-performing group. Second, we had high involvement in the group. Not only everybody was engaged in the group activity while visiting, making the poster, practising and presenting (Everybody had to say something in the presentation), but also we had different tasks and played our roles in the group, such as one was in charge of looking in the website, two were responsible for writing the poster, etc. In the group, we did not have a single leader, but we were all “leaders” in one area. However, the flaw of our activity was we did not reflect on it after presentation which means we only got to stage 4, the performing stage instead of the fifth stage -- Adjourning stage. In order to maximize the benefits of working in groups, the conclusion and reflection after are necessary. In our group work, we did not think about what we did well and bad, we did not compare our work with other works in the class. We actually lost the chance to improve for next activity. Reflection is an indispensable step for getting better learning outcome. Therefore, we should include this step in our everyday learning. In short, the campus resource …show more content…
First, we were sure what the task was which helped us plan out the steps we were going to take, and made the process more efficient. Second, we prevent potential conflict. When we could not decide if whiskey was more important than chocolate bar, we did not argue, instead, we used mild tone to talk although the time was almost up. Everybody in the group was patient and willing to stand out as well as step back. Third, everybody in the group had roles, we all were Opinion Givers as well as Opinion Seekers since we all contributed in the discussion, giving our opinions and asking for clarifications (Learning Together). There were organizer and recorders as well. The task was well-divided. For group stages, we got to the fifth stage, the adjourning stage. After knowing the results, we discussed what and how we could improve. For example, we talk about how we ignored the importance of compass and area map. However,we agreed on that we finished the task effectively, and the result was satisfactory for all of us. This activity also made me think what roles I usually play in a group. I thought I could be an summarizer in a group because I like summarizing group members’ thoughts and putting them together. In conclusion, the survival activity showed a high-performing group

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