Essay on Group Analysis : Group Dynamics

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Group Dynamics Analysis

Due to the fact that group work helps academic achievement, skilled communication and psychological health (Learning Together), a high-performing group work acts an important role in academic success for a class as a whole, it is benefit for individual lifelong success as well. Knowing the group dynamics lays the foundation of more effective group work. In this paper, I will analyze some of our group activities we had in our Real Change Learning Community, to get a better view of how our group performs, what group stages we are on and what we should improve to enhance the performance.
So far, we had two major group activities in College 101 course. One was the campus resource presentation and the other was the airplane incident survival. For the campus resource presentation, there were several locations of the campus we could choose to do a 5-minute presentation to the class as a group after a 30-minute preparation. We were allowed to use the whiteboard, poster paper or the computer. We had 5 people in our group, and we chose the Open Learning Center (OLC) and the Math & Writing Center as our presenting resources, First, we brainstormed what everybody knew about these places on our own. Secondly, we drew down a list of things we knew together, also wrote down the questions we had. Next, we searched on the school website and visited the OLC and Math & Writing Center to answer the questions and added some information we did not think of. After going…

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