Essay on Greek Heroes Of Modern Day

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It may seem difficult to draw similarities to ancient Greek champions to the war heroes of modern day, but they have more in common than one may think. For example, recent medal of honor winner, Captain Florent A. Groberg, prevented the deaths of all of his company except for four misfortunate souls. When a suicide bomber was walking toward his company, Groberg acted fast by running head first into the bomber to push him away from his fellow soldiers. He suffered major injuries and was in critical condition. However, this selfless act gave him the highest honor of all, and the eternal respect of a nation. Just as the Greek leaders put their own lives on the line for their country and fellow soldiers. There are always losses in war, but there is always glory and honor given to those who put it all on the line. The Iliad has plenty of glory to go around, and with an enormous cast is filled with plenty of heroes, there is much debate to who is the best of the Achaeans. Some may say that the other Achaean captains are the greatest, or the kind Patroklos; however, Achilles shines above the rest of the Achaeans because of his strength and bravery on the battlefield, Prideful and headstrong mindset, and Compassion for his fellow soldiers. Glory on the battlefield has to be earned and cannot be simply be given to someone. Achilles is notably absent for much of the battle narratives, but when he arrives, he arrives in the most epic fashion. He proves his acclaimed greatness by…

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