Greek Honor In The Iliad

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Ancient Greek has influenced most of our society today. The teachings that were brought about have remained important in everyday life. Many base their laws and ethics on Ancient Greek. Greek implemented their names morals of intelligence, glory, loyalty and hospitality to shape their own culture. The text The Iliad recognizes heros are the essence in society which they come from. Honor and glory describe a true hero. Major battles and heroic deeds and actions provided hope to find glory. Honor was similar but could only be demonstrated through loyalty and other qualities one might display. One of the best examples of greek warriors would be in the character of Achilles. In book one of the Iliad Agamemnon and Achilles are at fault; Agamemnon …show more content…
Both Rome and Egypt cultures were polytheistic. Again, ancient egyptian myths were designed as an allegory to transfer power from one Pharaoh to the next and eternal life. Egyptians and Roman civilizations began to merge over time with the authority of the Roman Empire under Augustus. Not was Augustus a powerful leader but Isis was also worshiped first among egyptian citizens then Romans. Egyptians got a lot of influence from Rome but Rome got most of their influences from greece. First Egyptians had a strong belief in afterlife and built pyramids in structures in order to help the dead find a better life after death. As for the greeks they lacked such beliefs and that is why their social structure differs from Egyptians. Furthermore, a key similarity between Egypt and Rome is how the Pharaoh had the ability to control the army, laws, and collect taxes. Meanwhile, in Rome execute the Twelve Tables were created so that all citizens might be treated equally. On the other hand Cleopatra rules ancient Egypt for almost three decades. She was known for her remarkable personality and her keen intelligence. I personally admire Cleopatra because she used her knowledge in many of her duties as queen. For instance, she compares herself to to goddess Isis. Isis was also admirable for her righteousness and justice. Cleopatra was a strong female leader living in a male dominated society. The influential queen is an meaningful figure because her

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