Graphic Advocacy Exhibit At The Art Museum Essay

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As I walked into Graphic Advocacy exhibit at the art museum in the George Hurst Building a staff worker politely greeted me. This encounter automatically made me feel welcomed to the exhibit. The room was very open and the layout of the furniture was very basic. There was tons of walking room and only five benches spread out for people to sit on. This was done to make people feel free as soon as they walk into the exhibit. The furniture and flooring was also plain to make people focus on the painting and not the tangible items in the room. The lighting was mostly directed at the painting; however, a few were aimed at the walking space. The walls were white and covered with many paintings. Paintings were only about two feet apart. The white walls I feel kept the mood happy and free in the museum. If the walls were black the mood of people would be sad and it would make people feel closed in. My first impressions of the museum made my whole experience at the Graphic Advocacy a success. The Graphic Advocacy showed International posters from 2001 to 2012. Some examples of these were posters about Katrina, the earthquake in Japan, and 9/11. The paintings were very close to each other and had other paintings above and beside them. This makes the viewer feel the mood that is set by the group of similar pictures. There were many different pieces, but only a few stuck out to me. The pieces that stuck out to me were, Help Japan by Mauro Gatti and Bleeding out by…

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