Grammar Vs. Writing Competency Essay

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Section ONE
• Students will practice grammar skills and the teaching of grammar
Throughout discussions in class and reading our textbook, Grammar to Enrich and Enhance Writing, the most useful and reoccurring theme was that “teaching grammar in isolation from writing – that is teaching the grammar book instead of helping writers write – has been found again and again to have little if any positive effects on most students writing” (Weaver, 261). It is important that we as educators see the trends of teachers failing to deviate from the somewhat ineffective way in which they were taught, and break them by specializing our curriculum to our individual students. When teaching out classes, we have to take a step back and insure that we are teaching in a way that is most conducive for our students to learn, rather than simply the way in which we are most comfortable teaching.
• Students will discuss grammar error vs writing competency
In chapter 9 of our textbook, it states, “errors are a natural part of learning a language; they arise from learners’ active strategies: overgeneralization, ignorance of rule restrictions, incomplete rule application, hypothesizing false concepts” (152). We discussed as a class that many times as educators our “observations” become “judgements.” As educators, we should be focused on content over grammatical correctness and constantly be encouraging our students’ small successes rather than bringing them down by a page full or red marks. When…

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