Graduation Speech : Young Life Essay

1298 Words Oct 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Young Life Young Life did not just begin with a program, but it began with a simple concern for kids everywhere. It has incredible values that Young Life has always stuck too and will always stick too. The foremost purpose of Young Life is to have a relationship with God. In todays society, you do not see many students being open about their faith, or proud to be a follow of God. Young Life is here to change that; they want students to feel comfortable enough to show what they believe. Not only is Young Life College offered here at Oklahoma University, but all over the United States in multiple college campuses. Young Life college is there for anyone and everyone who needs a community and be cared for just the way they are, (Young Life, 2016). Young Life’s mission is to reach out to kids or students and help them find their path to a relationship with God, (Young Life, 2016). I am personally excited to join Young Life and learn more about it because I have felt the want and need to grow in my faith. I am hoping to become very involved in Young Life and find students that Young Life would benefit them tremendously. After I decided to choose Young Life as the organization to join, I did some research trying to find out who was someone I could talk to here in Norman. I then found David Bartell, who is the young life advisor for college students in Norman. I got the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Bartell, he completely opened up to me about his love for young…

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