Essay on Graduation Speech : Unmet Expectations

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Unmet Expectations
Life is filled with many anticipated events to which we set expectations. However, our expectations might not always match what the reality of these situations. One such example I can give from my own life is when I entered high school. Facing the reality of high school mixed with the beginning of the long road leading to adulthood really helped to build my character and it carries major significance in my life.
Before I begin this story, I believe I should describe the events leading up to this. So I had just finished middle school and like most recently graduated middle school students, high school seemed like something to be excited about. Not only did I share this sense of excitement, but I also had a fear of the unknown as I was not just starting this new level of education, but I was also entering a new school system. It just so happens that my mother was worried about my education in the public school system, so she decided to enroll me in a private school. A religious private school no less! Because of this I had immediately drawn the conclusion that the school would be organized and would be highly excelled in their academics, I also assumed that the religious aspect would mean that both students and teachers would be polite and respectful, and to top it all of I would have to make new friends seeing as how this would be a new school system with none of my previous friends joining me. All of this mixed with my idea that high school would be…

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