Graduation Speech : University Final Exam Essay

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University Final Exam
At the beginning of the semester reality hit, I was no longer in high school it was the start of my college experience. I began to learn a lot about life and the do’s and do nots of college. College is a whole new set of responsibility’s that must be taught to be dealt with, you must learn how to plan ahead and really take a lot from all the classes you are in. College has taught me that I am not a regular student I must work twice as hard as the others in order to make the grade I would like to make and I am fine with that. College is an extraordinary place that teaches you things you never thought you could learn. While in college you are now an adult there is no one there to wake you up in the morning, telling you what time to eat, do your homework, or now it is time for bed you are the only one that can tell you what to do or how to do it. There is a lot less leeway, you have to do your papers when they are due or you just get a zero for the assignment. There are a few great things I have learned in my first semester of college and they are note taking, planning, setting goals for yourself, and test preparation.
Note taking was my biggest down fall at the begging of the semester but that slowly changed as it went on. The way you take notes can determine if you past the class or not. it can even determine if you understand what the teacher is talking about during the class or in general. By taking accurate notes you can be farther ahead than the…

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