Graduation Speech : The And Native American Dancers Essay example

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This year I went to Folk Fair in Milwaukee. This is a program in which groups of people from all different backgrounds come together. This fair was extremely diverse with people from all different cultures and backgrounds. The theme this year was the culture of light and how different culture use light and it’s significance. Some cultures like the Indians, celebrate a Holiday called Diwali, which means festival of lights. When you walk in you can right away smell the food and hear the different music that is being played by the performers. There were many different performances that went on throughout the program. There was African American, Turkish. Filipino, and Native American dancers. My favorite was the Ukrainian Men. They did a lot of gymnastics moves and flips into their dance, which is something I usually, don’t see. They were all dominantly men, which was surprising too see that there was not a single female performer. However, I did try not to judge as I do respect that some cultures do not incorporate coed dances.
There were also many different food vendors that were there. They had food from the Arab population, which included, falafels, chicken shawerma, and mango lassi. One that I enjoyed and was very new to me was the Ugandan. They had what was called a sambusas which were either meat or veggie pies. They also had goat curry, which was my favorite. I had it over white rice and it was amazingly good. It was amazing to see how many cultures share the same…

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