Graduation Speech : Teaching Strategies Essays

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2015 has proven to be an exciting year for the Arabic & Islamic Studies Department which works diligently to continue to provide engaging lessons and for students as they continue to learn and surpass their own expectations. It has been a pleasure to witness first hand their progress as they learn the beautiful Arabic language.
Transitioning from primary school, Year 7 started 2015 aware of the challenges that lay before them. It is this very awareness that helped them transition smoothly into high school and which made their eagerness to learn the Arabic language all the more apparent. Their willingness to learn helped me implement teaching strategies that focused primarily on description and grammar in order to improve writing skills. I congratulate the Year 7 classes for the writing description pieces that they submitted which reflected their dedication to and love of Arabic.
Year 8 welcomed Arabic with open arms. Their curiosity in the Arabic discipline was key to helping me teach them critical thinking skills which they could then use to write texts that explored the questions of who, what, when and where. Using these skills, my Year 8 Arabic critics produced presentations of a good standard that they should be extremely proud of.
The Year 9 Intermediate Arabic level also did very well this year. They learned about council services, shopping, communication, how to give directions and write a description. The students continued their development of their skills in the…

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