Essay on Graduation Speech : Teaching And Learning

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With sincere interest, I am writing as an applicant for the online EdD in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Curriculum, Teaching, & Teacher Education within the School of Teaching and Learning. The following is my statement of purpose that I hope will give you a clear picture of my experiences, interests, and desires to become a doctoral student in your program.

Everything has come together for this moment in my life where I am ready to pursue my doctoral degree. My childhood dream of becoming a teacher has come to fruition, but there have been some influential events along the way that have gotten me to this point where I am ready to further my career and make a positive impact in the education field.

The first influence that has affected me is my pre-service teacher preparation program. I became certified through my university in an add-on certification program while I got my undergraduate degree. I was not very prepared to step into the classroom, but I learned a lot about myself and the effect of teacher preparation programs.

Also very powerful in forming who I am what I care about is the variety of teaching positions I have experienced. Teaching in a low-income, urban Dallas school exposed me to many aspects, including working with families, implementing behavior management systems, supporting English Language Learners, working with transient students, finding the importance of teacher camaraderie, and observing a strained administration. When I taught…

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