Graduation Speech : Teachers, Families, And Friends- Essay

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Classmates, teachers, families, and friends-
Hello. Tonight, we celebrate all of our accomplishments-- academic, athletic, artistic, and civic-- that we have achieved in the past four years. However, to properly appreciate all of our efforts, I feel it appropriate to reflect on some of the more interesting happenings of that same time interval. Therefore, this speech will summarize each of the past four years, each in a single word.
The first year of our high school career can be summed up in the word “bedlam”, which is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as “complete disorder and confusion”. During freshman year, we confronted a lot of confusing issues, asking ourselves, where is my next class? Who are all of these people? What clubs should I join? Of course, the most confusing and disorderly event of freshman year occurred towards the end of the year. The school was suffering from an event now referred to as “The Great Paper Shortage”, in which there was a hiccup where we used more regular-size paper than expected, and all of the classes had to use legal size (which doesn’t fit in a standard-size binder or folder) for several weeks. To add insult to injury, in the middle of these weeks of stationery disappointment, we had an assembly, in which a strange performer named J-Line danced to techno music and warned us against bullying. We felt alarmed by this predicament, wondering if they had run out of money for the normal paper so that they could pay for the fee of…

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