Graduation Speech : Take A Deep Breath Essay example

1080 Words May 19th, 2016 null Page
Take a deep breath. We’ve made it! We’re finally here! After 13 long years of homework, crowded hallways and waking up painfully at 6 am, we are about to graduate high school and forever be remembered as the Class of 2016, one of the best classes North Mesquite has had in years. Congratulations!
Unfortunately, as one door opens another door closes. Take this time to look around you and realize that this will be the very last time the entire class of 2016 will be together. As we each take our separate ways, come the next week or the next year, many of us won’t remember the name of the person sitting next to us. Isn’t that sad? The people we have spent the last four years with will be nothing but a blur and a vague figment of our imagination. Sure, this is a time of finally finishing high school and celebrations, but also keep in mind that this is also a time of good-bye. Take this time to celebrate this joyful occasion for you have earned it; but also take the time to remember the names of the people sitting next to you and to remember the many wonderful events that made your time in high school special.
Just look at your hands and observe the characteristics and memories they hold. These are the hands that did it all. Every callus, every wound and every chipped fingernail is a memory of these past four years. Your hands show your transformation from a fish to a senior and your time as a stallion. These hands wrote hundreds of essays, solved thousands of linear equations and…

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