Essay on Graduation Speech : Senior Year

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Senior Reflection

Through the last thirteen years of my life I have had my good and bad times during school. Most of the times have been good but some have been bad but I have always kept my head up and stuck it through to the end. Finally the end is near my Senior year and almost graduation time I could not be happier. I have come this far and the reward is right in front of me with that reward being my Diploma which states that I have defeated the American School System and Graduated with a higher sense of accomplishment and pride. Once you have your Diploma an employer is more likely to hire you which is a good thing because when you have a job you can do more than if you were a poor person which is most of the united states right now cause most of us are on the edge of poverty.

My Greatest Misconception about senior year was how much we would have to do in order to pass and graduate. Indian Valley High School requires all students to have four years of the main core classes and twenty hours of community service which would include any work for which we do not get paid. The main core classes are Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Math and then they went and added an extra class for us to do in order to gradate, they added in a personal finance class for us which everyone thought was unnecessary and unfair to the Seniors. Even though everyone complained and procrastinated and put off doing the class including me I still got it done in time because it was on A+…

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