Graduation Speech : Over The Years Essay

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Over the Years
As a senior in high school I realized that I needed to figure out what school to attend and what I will major in. On occasions I would find myself gazing at pictures of Delaware State in pamphlets and online. I decided to begin looking at the school and all it had to offer. I cannot explain how I felt when I finally got the opportunity to visit the campus, it was love at first sight. The atmosphere was exciting and fresh but not one that would become a distraction. Student that attended told me of their experiences on campus and how much they loved the school. I noticed that there are students from all over the world that attend Delaware State, which was very fascinating to see at a historically black university. The financial aid letter I received was a plus and also added to the reasons for me to attend the university, it seemed like fate. College was going to be my escape from my struggle, my chance to be someone, do something with my life. It was time that I stop sitting around and waiting for opportunity to come to me, I had to go out and get it. DSU was my number one choice because it’s close to home and it seem like the perfect school for me.
My college years so, far I have learned so much in just the couple of month I’ve been here. But during this year I plan to maintain a 3.5 grade point average, giving 100% to all of my assignments. I would like to get to know my professors because they are more than just grades and lectures. They could offer insight…

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