Graduation Speech On The Pennsylvania State University Of Technology

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I continue my academic life in the Pennsylvania State University after transferring from the South China University of Technology, since I acknowledged that receiving an education under an American education system would give me access to resources that I could never have in China. I determined the choice of the future and strived out my path to the Pennsylvania State University, where I achieved my 3.98 GPA, since I always prioritize my academic achievement first. To stand out among the candidates, I decided to choose Economics as my major, specializing quantitative in and financial orientation, as well as two minors, Mathematics and Business, which would also cultivate my communicative and quantitative skills.

Background in courses
Besides some basic Economics courses, I chose the honor section of my Macroeconomics class, whereby the professor used the textbook for graduate schools. Thus, I apprehended the economics at a higher level. What’s more, I am having International Finance & Open Economy Macroeconomics and Monetary Theory & Policy courses, taught by Professor Neil Wallace. These courses prepare me the knowledge I need in monetary economics. In the coming semester, I will study Economics Forecasting, using linear regression models, econometric software, and useful forecasting models to forecast financial and seasonal time series and trends. Moreover, I would study international trades in a micro-economic sense by taking Advanced International Trade Theory & Policy.…

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