Graduation Speech On High School Essay

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After completing four levels of English in high school , I did not feel like I received any knowledge in this subject . Knowing that reading is a major aspect in English , I personally feel like it should not be in our benchmarked curriculum for high school English as much as it is . Every year they gave us 3 to 5 books to read inside or outside class ;then they would tested us on just that the whole school year. It is a waste of time to read that many books and not learn any form of rules ;Also, when we wrote paper in high school the teachers did not grade use on usage errors , they graded us on completion . Even though there was not I did not have a high school education for English , the teachers gave me grades as if I did. I knew that this would only make it harder for me to move forward in college .
My first day in class I was very skeptical about how my semester was going to go . After the first two weeks went by I felt that you would be a great help , you began to teach me rules that I needed to know .once you graded my first paper I knew that I need to get used to using "the sheet " to help me correct my papers . I used "the sheet " to complete my second paper ,and my grade only rose five points . I was very discouraged. I tried it again , focusing hard and proof reading. My grade only changed one again by five points ,but my mistakes were not as major as my two paper before. I just had to get into the habit of focusing and using my rules correctly.
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