College Level English Class Reflection

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When you first get into a college level English class it might seem like a daunting task to do well in the class, but throughout the class the writing that you do will develop into college level work. I gained skills while taking this class helped me become more of a college level writer and the development from when I first started is clear. The skills that I gained helped me change my thinking are an improvement on what I was already doing because in a college level English class what you think before and during writing will determine your success in that class. While taking English 105 my way of thinking about writing changed because now it is evident that more thought and concise planning goes into what I am writing.
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A student in an English class can write an outline for their essay that does not help them as much as it could. Although most outlines will improve your writing and the organization of your essay, a well thought out outline that you put your full effort into will give you a better chance to succeed. An example of this in my writing is the outline for my first essay, in this outline a lot of things in my outline were thrown out because the outline was not well thought out and was thrown together. This shows how at my early stages of this class my thinking about what I was going to write was not all the way there because there was not a solid frame to build off of when writing. My next essay went better because I put more effort into organizing my essay so I had the best chance to succeed. On my self-assessment sheet I wrote about how I put more effort into the organization and my professor made a comment about how he can see the improvement in the organization of my essay. Through this example you can see how my thinking about writing has changed because of the planning before my writing has helped me succeed at a higher level than my earlier

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