Essay Graduation Speech : New School

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Good evening my fellow classmates, parents, guardians, and teachers. Welcome to Delphi’s graduation for the best graduating class in the world, today, right now, June 29th, 2016.
Thank you for the honour of being named your valedictorian. I am very grateful and excited to be here, (but if this goes poorly, remember, I nominated Riley. If this goes well, I will certainly do speeches for your birthdays, baptisms, family reunions, all those shindigs. Just call me over and we can work out pricing later.)
When people ask what school I go to, I say Delphi. Proudly, like they know what I’m talking about. But in most cases people tend to look at me and say, “I never heard of that school before. Is it outside Toronto? Is it a private school?”
I stare at them, look them directly in the eyes and say, “No. It is in Scarborough, up in the middle of nowhere on top of an elementary school, located near a Tim Hortons. ”
“Ah, yes,” they nod like they care. So then I mention spares and their eyes light up like I’m taking about a magical place like Narnia. Then another word catches their attention. Alternative. Al-turn-a-tive.
“What is alternative?” They ask. Independent study based, small class sizes, calling their teachers by first name, and using the PA only when necessary rather than taking up the first 20 minutes of the day and SPARES! You know, alternative.
But you know what? Delphi isn’t about spares. Delphi is about nurturing scholarship and personal growth, the true purpose…

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