Graduation Speech : My Vacation Essay

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I. Introduction
Most often, young girls dream of their future wedding day. However, I was always much more fascinated with my future honeymoon. This itinerary details a trip to Fiji that I have been looking forward to for years. The push motivations behind my trip are a chance to celebrate marriage, and to relax and explore with my new spouse. The pull factors include the culture of Fiji and all of the tourist accommodations that are geared towards couples, specifically for honeymooners. I would like for this trip to be very relaxed, in contrast to most vacations that I have been in which I have felt rushed to visit a great deal of amusement parks and shopping centers in a small amount of time. I would like to spend my time in Fiji taking in my surroundings; the beach, the food, the culture, and more. It is my intention to put this itinerary to use in the future with my future husband in order to finally have the honeymoon that I have dreamed of.
I. Brief History
Before embarking on my trip of relaxation and cultural exploration, I would first like to understand the history and culture of the country itself. The Fijian people that we know today were made from a mixture of Polynesians and Melanesians that lived together on the island and coexisted before Europeans arrived. (Central Intelligence Agency) The arrival of the Europeans was accidental. The first settlers were actually runaway convitcts from Australia that shipwrecked. The next wave of settlers were Sandalwood…

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