Graduation Speech : My Thoughts And Opinions Freely Essay

1443 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 6 Pages
Coming into this course I was not sure what to expect. I enjoy watching drama and acting, but I was not sure if that was what I was up for being that, this is an English class. I figured there would be lots of reading, but to my surprise there is very little reading and lots of movement! So far, I am enjoying the class and the exercises we have practiced. I consider myself to be very confident and comfortable in most group settings. Going into any class I am ready to contribute my ideas and express my thoughts and opinions freely, which is a bonus coming into this class because it requires group activities and exercises. I especially liked the Peer Interview we did at the very beginning of the course. Each student was told to write 10 facts about themselves and then pair up with a peer and exchange their name and their facts with the other person. Lastly, each student shares the name of their partner, and 3 facts about them out loud to the rest of the class. Being that I have done the exercise before, and enjoy meeting new people I was comfortable with the activity and was excited to meet and learn more about my classmates. I found that this activity can also be used in a classroom setting with all age groups because it helps practice communication skills, forge relationships and build a sense of community within the classroom.
Reading the poem “Risks” by Unknown author was also a beneficial exercise. The poem emphasizes on why risks must be taken, and how the risks we…

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