Graduation Speech : My Future Plans Essays

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Future Plans
One might consider graduating high school an ending to a part of their life, but I would consider it the beginning. This will be the first time most high school graduates will be able to make their own life changing decisions. There are things that I know I want to accomplish to achieve my future career goals; most likely not doing all these things right after high school but sometime in my lifetime. Attending culinary school, and college is what I am thinking of doing right after high school. Culinary school would be what I’m most interested in doing after high school. I would like to do this first because it is what I am most passionate about and it is my biggest dream to go there. It could also help me obtain a better paying position while trying to pay off student loans because of the experience I gained rather than a low income job. I plan to go to Oregon Coast Culinary Institute, as it is one of the closest culinary schools to Idaho. I will have to apply to Southwestern Oregon Community College because the culinary school is a part of that community college. To be able to attend the culinary school, I have to get accepted into both of the schools. I will have to apply before the deadline to be able to receive any financial aid from the school. Culinary schools tend to be very expensive because they have to pay for the costs of food to cook with and at times are very expensive. At OCCI they help their graduates find jobs at high end restaurants all over…

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