Graduation Speech : My Experience Essays

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This was one day that I wish I could relive. It is not often that I get to see my family, so having them all together to see me walk across the stage was a great feeling. I felt a sense of accomplishment because this was my first stepping stone into my adulthood, and I had all of my family there telling me how proud they were of me. Being around all of my friends was also a great feeling because these were the people I spent my last 4 years of high school with and it felt good to be graduating with my friends. I wish that I could go back to my graduation day because it was an ideal day for me.
On my graduation day I was elated because I had all of my family together. It is not often that all of my family gets together, especially coming from a broken home. I was overjoyed that my parents could put aside their differences and come together and be there to support and watch their only child walk across the stage. I have not seen my parents together since I was a baby, and it made me happier that they were both there together supporting me. Another reason why I do not see my family often is because most of them live far away from me in Indiana, which is about four hours from where I live. It meant a lot that they took time Gardner 1 out of there day to drive and come support me. My aunt reminded me over and over again of how early they had to get up and get on the highway just to make it on time to my graduation. I appreciate my family from coming afar to see and support me,…

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