Graduation Speech : My Experience At The University Of Wisconsin- Whitewater

722 Words Nov 30th, 2015 3 Pages
To be quite frank, the most promising part of coming to college was the fact that I would be escaping my hometown, where over half of the student body has absolutely no regard for the education system. My friends and I would complain everyday about the disrespect that we were surrounded by and literally counted down the days until our graduation ceremony. When I was accepted to the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater, I thought to myself, “This is a chance to be surrounded by people with different ideas, but share one common goal, take education seriously and be rewarded in the future because of it.” Although the classmates and friends that I choose to surround myself with absolutely share the same goal as I do, there are a select number of individuals who act with utter disrespect towards their professors and this college in general. During the first week of my math class, I sat next to one of these individuals. However after two class periods, I was determined to move to the other side of the room during the following period. In the first class period, we discussed AP Statistics, because we had both taken the course in high school, however they had given certain hints that they had been caught trying to cheat at certain points during the class. One thing that I absolutely cannot stand is academic dishonestly. In my AP Statistics class, we had an exam that we took over the course of two days. The exam happened to be found online, so many students who most likely would…

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